Introducing ClosetsandCroissants

Many of you’ll must be wondering who we are……

We are Dreamers! Dreamers born of Fashion and style. But stuck in a maze of life.

This is a whimsical blog based on fantasies of Fashion and day to day looks to create for less.

We are Bohemian at heart and Glamorous to the eye.

Our love for Paris is what brought about the name “ClosetsandCroissants” . There are many people out there we know who pursue a profession completely different from their interest, we were among them. Pursuing a desk job to pay for our lavish extravagances and yet interested in the beautiful world of fashion. We decided to follow our dreams and make a path of our own. We decided to talk and see how many people would listen.

“ClosetsandCroissants” is our love child and we are here to create a world of fashion,

So if you are a fashion enthusiast join us on our journey because we would love to meet new people too!!




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