How to Dress Bohemian

Its been a while since we posted, but we hope this post makes up for it..

So today we decided to explore the bohemian part of our personality! How excited are we to tell you how to get these looks!! Bohemian looks are basically free-flowing and care free attitude clothing, mostly with lace and interesting prints and amazingly bright colors. You know how we picture Bohemian clothes? something that inspires a country song or even better , walking through a tulip field during sunset, the summer breeze in your hair… just a perfect laid back attire.

so now that we painted such a picture, let’s get the basics done!!

1) Experiment with Prints-

Bold prints, floral or paisley and other natural elements  that are so beautiful on their own that you don’t need to do anything more to bring the outfit to life!

Maxi-Bohemian-Dress     Bohemian-Short-Sleeve-Maxi-Dress

2) Play with different lengths-

Pair different lengths to achieve an interesting and unique look for yourself.

bohemian style  Bohemian-Style-Clothing  Bohemian-Style

3) Lace and fringe –

Lace is the most interesting way to make an outfit feminine and the fringe is to add the slight edge that makes the look completely well…..bohemian!!!

Sassy-Bohemian-Style     Bohemian-Style-Boots


go crazy with the accessories!! Pile them on and make it look as interesting as possible, use metallic jewelery  or beaded or some crazy skulls and patterns. Add chunky pieces and statement neckpieces and earrings. Bohemian jewelery with feathers and dreads and headbands make the style very sensual.

Bohemian fashion - boho - hippy - fashion - eclectic bohemian via pinterest Bohemian-Style-With-Accessories

6) Braids

img-thing  bohemian-braids bohemian-braids-wedding-hair-03

So now that you know all the things it takes to be a boho babe, start experimenting with the latest trend for fall!




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