Winter Must Have List 2014

So winter is here , and we have been trying to get everything organized for the season , right from skin care to wardrobes we have got you set for all the winter must haves . Read on to find out more!!


Well this is the biggest trend that everyone around the globe is sporting, cozy knits and chunky sweaters , i must say fashion never got so comfortable !! If you are planning to wear something your grandma made for you then i wouldn’t pick a better time than this (provided , its nothing as hideous as the Weasley sweaters, keep it classy)

Cozy-knits                         images (1)


Who doesn’t love the comfort of the warm woolen leggings? i know i do!! and the best part? you can wear the patterned ones or the colored ones ! Winter may be dull and all white , but whats stopping my fashionistas from showing their colorful sides?  pair them with woolen dresses like shown below and you are golden!!


A monochromatic legging is just what is needed to spice up your winter wardrobe


This winter, Plaid is in


3. BOOKS :

I don’t know how many of my readers are book lovers , but I love books. the stories just manage to transport me to another world altogether and the best way to spend winter afternoons is with a hot beverage a good book. so I’ve been hearing a lot about #GIRLBOSS and I’m gonna read that this winter . I know most of you’ll think its old news , but i haven’t really had much time off late 😦 . Let me know if you have read the book in the comments below!                       booclub-girlboss-1387






Winter is the perfect season according to me to work out and shed those extra pounds you might have gained around Thanksgiving and Diwali . So i have decided to get back in shape and tone up my body just in time for Spring ! if you like me need a little help in motivating yourself then log on to fitgirlcode and follow the many challenges and get fit with all these girls worldwide!! I’m gonna be trying the 30 DAYS AB WORKOUT .





if you guys have been following me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM then you would know how much I’m loving the BODY SHOP’s latest range of products THE WILD ARGAN OIL RANGE . The whole range by far is the best in skin care for this winter . Argan oil is super rich and is just the thing you need to nourish your skin this winter !!


6. HAIR :

Taking care of your hair in the winters is as essential as taking care of your skin . Hair tends to become dry this season and keeping it moisturized is the solution. I don’t know how many people oil their hair , but its a practice that my mother has inculcated in me since childhood and i intend to follow it religiously ! For those who don’t oil their hair no worries< i got you covered !! Deep conditioning treatments are the answer to your dry hair dilemmas!!


This is how my hair looks everyday without styling



I have always prided my self on my highly intuitive skills to pick the color of the season and voila! It trends!! So you guys can totally trust my judgement when i say this that pick that orange/ coral lipstick and don’t be afraid ! Another color I’ve been loving is Fuchsia  My favorite lip color of the moment is by FACES and its called READ MY LIPS . Go check it out!!

images (2)

Another thing that ive been loving for this season is Hounds-tooth . I know many bloggers have said hounds-tooth is so last season , but i feel its perfect for this season!




Lat but not the least my absolute favorite this season is green tea! i know you guys must have done your bit of reading about green tea and its million benefits so I’m not gonna write about that, But I’ve been using it in many forms other than drinking it ! I shall let out the secret in the next post !



Until the next time ! Hope the post was helpful ! Tell us what are your picks for this winter in the comments below!

Lots of love!


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